Support from and for FLLA class

I wanted to encourage everyone who is interested in applying for the Front Line Leaders Academy to apply today. I know there is not much time left applications are due by 4/11/08 but if you have not made your mind up yet, I hope this will help. Just being apart of this network has really helped put things we care about in perspective for me because we recently had our first victory when Ezra Temko won his race for city council at the age of 22 making him the youngest elected official in the state of Delaware.  We were both in the first class of FLLA and now we are both running for elected office, although with his victory puts a considerable amount of pressure on me to win (lol). In the 2007, we currently have 2 more graduates of FLLA running for office as well; they are Mike Makarski and Anders Ebsen who will no doubt have success in their races as well.

Running for an elected office is something that I could’ve never imagined doing because I was turned off by the way people use politics to advance their interests. I held this view when I applied for FLLA but it changed immediately because I seen how passionate Commissioner Andrew Gillium, Rep. Alisha Thomas-Morgan, and Sharon Lettman were about advocating for causes we believe in like voting rights, civil rights, reproductive rights, GLBTQ rights and other progressive issues and rights.  It also afforded me the opportunity to inform others in the FLLA class and young elected officials (YEO’s) of the issues we face as Native Americans, which was great for me because I firmly believe many people in this network are going to advance to U.S. Senators, Representatives and Governors of their respective states.

The other great thing about this program is the common bond we share as graduates of the academy because an amazing commitment was made by graduates of both classes to help me raise over $13,000 dollars in little over 2 hours.  I believe this is truly a testament to the value and trust we have in each other and how much we want to see each other succeed for the same progressive values we believe in.

Again please consider applying for this program and if you have any questions please contact Raquel at or 850 877 0307. Pilamiya (Thank You).

Kevin Killer

I can't think of someone that I'd rather be helping out this cycle in South Dakota. What a great progressive and an ally to so many communities. Looks like we'll be doing some door knocking this spring!

3 for 3

For those who don't know, both Mike Makarski and Anders Ebsen won their races.

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