...And Crown Thy Good With Corporate Personhood

Rejecting the Narrative for Health Reform, Believing in a Better Way

*The following is an abbreviated posting of an article on the way Democrats and Americans are handling health reform.

Equal Rights for All Americans Championed at Oscars

Equal Rights for All Americans Championed at Oscars

By Kevin Gosztola

Country First? A Critical Look at Patriotism and the McCain-Palin Slogan

| October 20, 2008 - 11:28 pm

Tags: 2008 presidential elections, Democrats, GOP, McCain, Obama, Palin, patriotism

In a listserv, a fellow scholar posted an honest question about patriotism. In one post, she asked if being critical about the country would call into question her patriotism. I remembered how Obama's patriotism was questioned when he was found not wearing an American flag lapel.

Campus Invasion: Conservative Edition

[asset|aid=897|format=image|formatter=asset|title=0809battleplan.jpg|width=90|height=150|align=left|resizable=true]In the aftermath of the Republican and Democrat nominations, new poll figures indicate that the race for America's heads, hearts, and votes is widening slightly; Obama is edging out

Reflections on the Democratic Convention

Reflections on the DNC

| September 2, 2008 - 10:54 am

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Where do you see yourself three years from now? How about one year or even one month from now?

Obama=Democratic Party; You=Progressive Movement

| June 30, 2008 - 9:48 am

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Many, if not most, in the progressive community are voting for change this year- we saw it in the primaries and the polls suggest we'll see it at all levels of government in November. What is also clear is that the movement has a candidate in Barack Obama, or so he claims.

It is both prudent and wise for youth movement leaders to be optimistic about change, cautious about the possibility of progress, and realistic about how much progressive change Obama and other candidates are actually in favor of, regardless of their ability to realize those changes.

Together We March: It is Getting Elected and then Getting Elected Again

| June 6, 2008 - 3:13 pm

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Together We March:  It is About Getting elected and Then Getting Elected

Cue the Democratic hand-wringing

| March 27, 2008 - 11:44 am

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A Gallup poll released yesterday reports that 19% of Obama supporters say they'll vote for McCain over Clinton and a full 28% of Clinton supporters would vote for McCain over Obama. Cue much hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth from Democratic party flaks who claim the increasingly bitter primary contest will mean that Democratic voters will abandon the party in the fall if their favored nominee doesn't come out on top.

I'm optimistic that this won't happen — I don't have a huge amount of faith in my fellow man, but I do assume that my fellow Democrats are a) not stupid and b) not so embroiled in ego-politics that they'll let their bruised feelings get in the way of our best chance in years to have a president who'll further progressive policy aims.