UPDATE: Reported Voting Troubles

UPDATE: Shortly after the election, several voting rights advocacy groups released reports or statements detailing problems voters encountered at the polls. Demos put out a report describing how all the various voter suppression tactics affected the 2012 election. The American Civil Liberties Union issued a statement addressing the problems voters faced and the steps that should be taken to prevent future problems. Project Vote also released a statement praising diligent voters for overcoming adverse voting circumstances.

Reported Voting Troubles

Despite the concerted efforts by conservative legislators to suppress voters’ rights throughout 2011 and 2012 using a number of tactics in the supposed interest to combat voter fraud, millions of Americans took time last week to cast their vote on Election Day. However, a number of problems for voters still occurred, shedding light on some obvious inadequacies within our voting process.

What's the difference between Paris Hilton's prison term and Maryland's living wage...?

...I did not know about the second one.

 Oh wait. You haven't heard about the second part of that question, right? So how in the world are you supposed to be informed about it? It definitely did not hit the airwaves from where I'm from. Have you heard the fact that Gov. Kulongoski of Orgeon has just signed legislature allowing a Domestic Partner Law for his state? Well, perhaps you have or perhaps you haven't, but I know that I did not get that news from flipping the channels on my television.

  But you know what I'm quite sure of though? I'm pretty sure that everybody has read about why Paris might spend a couple nights in a not so luxurious setting. You probably have a lot more details than I do. She claims that she was misinformed about what she can and cannot do with her suspended license. That's a great first step. Blame someone else right? I'll be optimistic here and pretend that it really was his fault for not knowing the state or the conditions that she has to abide by when it's her very own license that's suspended. Fine, it's his fault. But then the question of "Why was she caught?" comes up. There has to be a reason why she was pulled over in the first place, right? Surely the police officer did not have a device capable of seeing through the car, her purse and wallet to reveal that her license is suspended.