The Quest for Political Power, Did Women Achieve any Progress In This Election Cycle?

People like to talk about how women have moved up in positions of power; how they don’t just hold the traditional mother/homemaker roles they used to hold in earlier times.


| August 16, 2006 - 6:15 pm

Tags: George Allen, Macaca, U.S. Senate, Virginia

Does everyone know what time it is?  

Time for a new segment on The Café called "George Allen's Ridiculous Excuse of the Day"

We found today's excuse from our friends over at

"Allen, according to Republicans, heard members of his traveling entourage and Virginia Republicans use the phrase and picked it up. It was the first word that came to his mind when he spied Sidarth at the weekend's event, according to Republicans who have been briefed on Allen's version of the event."

There you have folks, the Senator is not someone who would make racially charged and derogatory remarks - but his staff will.  Poor little Senator Allen. His big mean staff is rubbing off on him and that's the reason he is saying all those mean, nasty things.  

Perhaps Senator Allen and his staff should play in different sandboxes from now on; otherwise, George Allen's mama might have to wash his mouth out with soap.

George Allen Shows True Colors

| August 15, 2006 - 6:00 pm

Tags: George Allen, Macaca, U.S. Senate, Virginia

George Allen is catching a lot of flack today for some remarks he made over the weekend.  Although I like to give politicians benefit of the doubt sometimes over public gaffs, I think you should check out this video.   While speaking to a crowd in Virginia, Allen referred to a cameraman, an employee of his opponents' campaign and a man of Indian decent, as "Macaca."

The campaign explained away the incident by saying the campaign had an internally nicknamed the cameraman "Mohawk" - because of his hairstyle- which Allen mispronounced or misinterpreted.

I haven't seen photos of the cameraman, but he claims that calling his hair a Mohawk would be a bit of a stretch.