Voter ID off the table in Missouri

The state legislature adjourned last week without having rewritten a ballot measure that, if passed, would have paved the way for voter ID in Missouri. Cole County Circuit Court Judge Patricia S. Joyce struck down the original draft, SJR 2, as “insufficient and unfair.”

PFAW continues push for Paycheck Fairness Act

If you didn’t get to make your calls yesterday in support of the Paycheck Fairness Act (H.R. 1519/S. 797), there’s still time. Please click here for more information. The number is 888-876-9527.

PFAW is supporting your efforts by sending its letter to the Senate.

Tell the Senate: We need the Paycheck Fairness Act!

Equal pay in America needed to be put back on track after the Supreme Court’s devastating Ledbetter v. Goodyear ruling, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act answered that call – as the first major milestone of the Obama Administration. Still, that law cannot on its own do the job of eliminating the wage gap. Additional tools are necessary to bring equality to the workplace and prevent further disturbing incidents like the one that befell Lilly Ledbetter. Especially in this unsteady economy, people who are struggling to pay their bills shouldn’t have to worry about whether they are being discriminated against in the workplace. We need the Paycheck Fairness Act (H.R. 1519/S. 797).

Broun introduces anti-VRA amendment. Lewis says not so fast, seeks to empower voters.

On May 9, Representative Paul Broun tried to prohibit the use of Department of Justice (DOJ) funds for enforcing Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

You heard me right.

Representative Broun, a Republican whose home state of Georgia is covered by Section 5 of the VRA, tried to stop DOJ from enforcing the requirement that jurisdictions with a history of discrimination have their voting laws and regulations precleared by the federal government or a federal court before they may be changed. It is widely known that the deterrent effect of Section 5 continues to prove significant in protecting minorities against potentially discriminatory electoral changes.

It started at 9:58 pm with the offering of Amendment 1095 during debate on the FY13 Commerce, Justice, Science appropriations bill.

In DC, progress toward marriage equality comes amid anti-equality setbacks

House votes to slam courthouse doors shut to immigration cases

Last month, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Arizona v. United States, a case that will examine key provisions of Arizona’s infamous and draconian immigration law, SB 1070. Sponsored by ALEC member and former Senate President Russell Pearce, and several others with ALEC ties, SB 1070 was developed in close consultation with ALEC and now stands as one of its model bills.

The Department of Justice argues that Arizona unconstitutionally usurped the federal government’s role in enforcing immigration law. PFAW and other opponents cite evidence of wrongful arrests, racial profiling, and discrimination, especially against Latinos and other minorities.

Now efforts are being made in to block court challenges to SB 1070 and similar laws in other states. On May 9, the US House passed Amendment 1063 by a 238-173 vote.

President Obama recognizes LGBT families

By now you’ve likely watched (or heard about) the ABC News interview with President Obama in which he affirmed his support for the freedom to marry of same-sex couples.

The President said that his daughters, and their friends with same-sex couples as parents, helped his views to evolve. The President also said:

Obama Endorses Marriage Equality, Part 2

Last night, the tide went out. North Carolinians voted 61% to 39% in favor of an anti-gay constitutional amendment that not only deals another blow to gay and lesbian couples in the state, who are already prohibited by law from marrying, but also endangers protections for all unmarried couples, including domestic violence protections and health insurance coverage.

Just hours ago, the tide came in. President Barack Obama affirmed his support for the freedom to marry of same-sex couples.

The state of our electoral system – in cartoon form

Voter ID likely off the table for Wisconsin recall