Moving Academic Research Into Projects

| June 12, 2008 - 11:47 pm

Tags: academic research, applied research, basic research, universities

We have so many renowned colleges and universities with lots of research being done there, yet it seems that we have so many problems without a clear solution.  Are we too theoretical and not practical enough? Should we have to decide between basic research and applied research because of lack of resources? How come the nation is now facing a major energy crisis and we seemed so unprepared to deal with it?  If our scholars and technicians for years have been producing research and ideas about this issue, how come we do not a contingency plan or an organized response from the industry, the private sector, the governments and the citizens in general?  While it is true that oil prices are determined on the world market, our domestic consumption is created and controlled by us.

Hillary Clinton's Constituents and Why Barack Obama Probably Won't Get Them

Hillary Clinton has two constituent groups whose votes I believe Barack Obama will not get, working class women and Hispanics.  Working class women were drawn to Hillary because Hillary shares with them their class upbringing and their gender perspective.  Women across America know about the glass ceiling because so many of them work very hard, are overqualified for promotions that they deserve and apply for and yet they are passed by for a guy less experienced and qualified than they are.  They see themselves in the mirror of Hillary Clinton.

Sex and the City and Issues of Contemporary Feminism

| June 6, 2008 - 12:06 am

Tags: income, Sex and the City, sexism, women

I went to watch the "Sex and the City" movie and I realized that one of the main issues it dealt with was income.  It is interesting to see the wage gap between two attorneys, Charlotte's husband and Miranda.  Charlotte's husband, Harry, makes enough money so Charlotte doesn't have to to work but Miranda, also an attorney, works and her husband also has to work to support the family in Brooklyn, while Charlotte lives in Manhattan.  The income gap between men and women is 77 cents to every dollar, according to the National Organization for Women's data.  Twenty three cents less for every dollar is not justice.

Teacher Bullying

A Kindergarten teacher in Florida decided to let the class vote someone out of the classroom.  Isn't it awful, that at such a young age someone in that classroom, in a very public way, should be singled out as the least popular person in the group? Well, in this case the least popular person was a young boy that is in the process of being diagnosed with autism.  In my opinion it is a shame that a child so young had to experience public humiliation and discrimination from his Kindergarten teacher, a person who should have set the example for proper behavior and not the example of being a force for discrimination within the group.

Save and restore the Wetlands so we may save New Orleans.

| May 29, 2008 - 11:44 pm

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New Orleans is not in the front page of the newspapers anymore.  It is not talked about by the news programs either.  It is not newsworthy anymore.  It's a major shame that the city has not been fully rebuilt.  Many people will never come back to the city that was such an important part of their lives.  The deep social inequalities that plagued New Orleans before the storm are still there.  This situation to me is very sad and also deeply personal because my Dad's family is from Louisiana, and New Orleans is my Dad's favorite city.  As many in the media said when they used to cover New Orleans, the city is now like Atlantis, a forgotten city.


| May 27, 2008 - 11:59 pm

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I wonder if America will turn into a nation of bikes.  People need an alternative means of transportation because of how expensive fuel is.  People are being priced out of their cars.  Four dollars of gas is more than many people can afford.  Gas is too expensive for many jobs, especially entry level jobs.

Farming in the City

| May 22, 2008 - 10:46 pm

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We should all grow some of our own food. No, I don't mean we should all become farmers, but we should grow part of what we consume.  Think about it, at this precise moment there are people going to bed hungry and some are dying of starvation.  The raising prices of basic food such as rice, corn, and flour have become such an international issue that all the advances gained in the war against poverty can be lost quickly if prices continue rising and become an obstacle to people's ability to feed themselves.  If we teach people in urban centers to grow part of their own food in small lots, communal abandoned city lots, and on roof tops we will all have an impact on the demand of some foods and indirectly make food more affordable .

As Small Towns Disappears

| May 20, 2008 - 11:33 pm

Tags: Pennsylvania, small town, suburbia

As Small Towns Disappears

| May 20, 2008 - 11:31 pm

Tags: Pennsylvania, small town, suburbia

More Benjamin Franklins

We are very used to hearing about welfare mothers and the working poor and how federal subsidies andtaxpayers’ monies are used to support them.  I do not hear much now about the fact that with the higher gas prices and the increases in basic food prices, the subsidies provided by the federal government to those people who are not fully integrated in the economy may not be enough.  What are some of the econ