As a youth organizing and activist program, YP4 is aware of the need for campaigns that engage students and other young people in the political process. With legislative challenges to the student vote such as restrictions on third-party voter registration and burdensome voter identification requirements, the challenges of accessing polling places on campus, and the great need to engage and educate new voters, we cannot afford not to civically engage.

As such, and because young people know their own campuses and communities best, YP4 conducts a civic engagement campus organizing program to increase the participation and representation of young people in the electoral process while building the skills and leadership of YP4 Fellows to better prepare them to lead civic engagement campaigns beyond election cycles.

Rather than just providing a one-time training to Fellows, YP4 has built a program with lasting impact. In addition to training and resources, Young People For provides ongoing support throughout the election cycle and after to ensure that Fellows are successful, feel supported, and develop hard skills throughout the program. The civic engagement program provides long-term investment in the communities that our Fellows come from and organize in by building a base of engaged, well-trained, and effective organizers and, in turn, multiplying our impact in these communities in the coming years.

During the 2012 elections, PFAW Foundation distributed Arrive With Five pledge cards when registering both college-based youth and community-based low-income, LGBTQ, and youth of color. Through the AW5 program, community members were educated on the elections process, motivated to get registered to vote and mobilized to cast their ballots in the general election in 2012.

The civic engagement program builds on our established civic leadership pipeline, which already includes the YP4 Fellowship program, and Advanced Leadership and Alumni programs offered through YP4, as well as the Front Line Leaders Academy, a program prepares young progressives to run for office or to serve as campaign professionals.