Welcome to MyYP4!

MyYP4 is Young People For's suite of online tools to help you connect with us and get more out of our resources. If you haven't done so yet, take a moment to sign up and take advantage of some of the features of MyYP4:


Post on the YP4 Blog

The YP4 Blog is a space for youth-led discussion about progressive issues and movement strategy. Anyone is welcome to post on the YP4 Blog. Not sure what to write about? Check out some of the current posts and add your thoughts. Subscribe to the RSS feed and you'll never miss a post.

Sign up for updates on blog posts or group notices

You can subscribe to a blog post, group notice, or any comment in order to receive an email when the content is edited or when a follow-up comment has been posted. Just click the "subscribe thread" link beneath the item you want to subscribe to. You can also use the "Subscriptions" link in the MyYP4 box or the "Subscriptions" tab on your user profile page.

Explore user profiles

MyYP4 allows users to contact each other via their profiles. Find other users based on their group interests or by using the search box in the left sidebar. Check out a user's blog and find out what groups they've joined. Be sure to upload a picture of yourself at your profile edit page. User pictures are subject to YP4 staff moderation.

Are you a current YP4 fellow?

There are many more fellows-only features. To access them, log in and explore the Fellow Tools box that will appear in the left sidebar. If you're not a fellow, you can learn more about the fellowship.

There's more to come...

The YP4 tech team is hard at work on many exciting new features for MyYP4, so stay tuned! If you have comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear them.