Right Wing Watch on Campus

This month's Right Wing Watch is dedicated dedicated to the Caped Crusader. Also, my mom.

June 2

“Campaign unmasks ‘comprehensive’ sex education” (it’s secretly billionaire Bruce Wayne)
The so-called Parents for Truth “aims to recruit 1 million parents over three years to fight groups like Planned Parenthood” and comprehensive sex education. Apparently they’re shocked that sex ed can involve sexually explicit materials.
June 4

Opponents of evolution adopting a new strategy to stalk the night
Creationists, whose disbelief in change by natural selection seems to apply to their strategies as well, are trying old tricks under new names in public schools.

June 15
Face the Nation: Jindal thinks intelligent design should be taught with evolution.
Veepstakes contender and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal thinks intelligent design should be taught next to the theory of evolution. Also, angels holding us down should be taught next to gravity

June 18–21
Children of the Corn gather in D.C.
Imagine if YP4 told you what you stand for, instead of asking you. Enter the conservative National High School Leadership Conference, run by Young America’s Foundation. The Washington Times has called it “one of the largest and longest-running conferences geared toward the advancement of the conservative movement among high-school [sic] students.” Come for the crazy, stay for the snacks!