GenVote partners with Talib Kweli to launch Vote Hip Hop!

Vote Hip Hop! Be the Inspiration

National youth coalition and Talib Kweli launch Hip Hop competition to promote youth activism

Generation Vote, a national alliance of 18 youth organizations working to engage the Hip Hop generation in the political process, has partnered with pioneering rapper Talib Kweli to launch an online competition.

By putting the elements of Hip Hop to work for civil rights and social justice,
Vote Hip Hop-- allows young people from all over the world to express their political selves through their culture, Hip Hop.

"Historically, hip hop has been more than entertainment. It has motivated movements and been the voice of young people hungry for change."
Jamilah King, hip-hop activist, editor of WireTap.

By uploading their creative voice or visual art, Vote Hip Hop artists will be inspiring millions of young people to take notice of the issues that affect us all. The top entries rated by site visitors and Vote Hip Hop judges will be used by youth organizers in national voter registration drives and reposted on and by Vote Hip Hop media partner More importantly, Vote Hip Hop provides a venue for artists and young people they inspire to become active. Generation Vote, working with over 1.5 millions young people, has created the first-ever, national Youth Agenda.

"This Agenda is about young people moving forward together. It?s about turning our individual hopes into concrete possibilities for change. Check it out, sign on and pass it on!?"
D'Labrie, hip hop artist, and organizer with
Hip Hop Congress.

"We are not just here to vote. We are here to change the world,"
Charlotte Chinana, organizer with the
League of Young Voters.

To find out more about Vote Hip Hop or the Youth Agenda, log-on to or