McCain already won the debate, minutes before he decided on even showing up!

As of 11:30 am EST, Senator John McCain officially decided to restart his previously "suspended campaign" and will attend tonight's debate at Oxford, Mississippi. Whether or not he actually suspended the campaign is, well... debatable, especially if your campaign offices, campaign website, fundraising operations, surrogates, and the actual candidates themselves were still in full campaign mode.

So while it took Senator McCain until 11:30 am to officially declare he was going to the debate, it was only 10:00 am this morning when his campaign actually declared he won through several internet ads!

[asset|aid=925|format=image|formatter=asset|title=McCain already won the debate, without even planning on showing up!|width=485|height=294|align=none|resizable=true]

Yes, that's an actual ad. According to The Fix at Washington Post, the ad that linked to a quote about the debate yet to be had, from none other than under-the-table-lobbyist campaign manager Rick Davis declaring "McCain won the debate hands down."

So let me get this straight: they "suspended" their campaign and did not plan on attending the debate until later this morning, yet they launched an ad already BOUGHT and DESIGNED claiming McCain WON THE DEBATE BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENED??!!

Is it possible that this wasn't yet another mess-up in the litany of tragedies known as the McCain campaign, but actual knowledge that he will win the debate tonight? Maybe John McCain and his campaign know something we don't know...

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