God Spoke

| September 16, 2006 - 12:25 pm

Tags: Al Franken, God Spoke, Norm Coleman


Last night, I was lucky enough to attend one of the premiere showings of the new documentary about Al Franken, God Spoke, with a Q&A afterwards with Franken and the film makers. Go out and see this film, folks.  It's funny, it's touching, it's informative.  As Franken puts it, "What I do is jujitsu. They say something ridiculous and I subject them to scorn and ridicule."

What I often notice when I listen to Franken speak is just how heartfelt his beliefs are about the issues for which he fights.  I have heard him speak before about his wife's childhood; how her family was only able to scrape by after the death of her father in a car accident because of Social Security survivor benefits.  This is an example he often uses, and yet when he brought it up last night, we could hear him getting choked up while speaking.  He is truly a very nice man (and from a cynic like myself, that's a huge compliment).

Franken is seriously considering running for Senate against Republican Norm Coleman in Minnesota in 2008.  When an audience member asked last night how he would respond during the campaign to allegations of heavy drug use during the early years of Saturday Night Live, he responded that he wasn't all that worried about it because of Coleman's documented past in his college days.  In his race for student senate as a liberal Democrat at Hofstra, Coleman is quoted as saying, "these conservative kids don't [f word] or get high like we do (purity, you know)... Already the cries of motherhood, apple pie, and Jim Buckley reverberate thorough the halls of the Student Center. Everyone watch out, the 1950s bobby-sox generation is about to take over." Opposed to motherhood and apple pie, Norm? For shame.

God Spoke is being released initially in 50 cities.  Go in see it if it's in a city near you; the more tickets they sell now, the wider the distribution will be throughout the country.

Ah, Norm

I'm liking the long hair.

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