The Quest for Political Power, Did Women Achieve any Progress In This Election Cycle?

People like to talk about how women have moved up in positions of power; how they don’t just hold the traditional mother/homemaker roles they used to hold in earlier times. Women have moved on, and they aspire to be also represented in positions of power and leadership, not only to be support staff forever.   Nowadays people like to talk about how much women have achieved. Women are doctors and lawyers, but what people don’t bother to notice is that women in private practices make less than their male counterparts and women play second fiddle in big workplaces. Social Problems, A Down-To-Earth Approach, James M. Henslin, (2008) p. 308. Many women are doctors but how many run a clinic or a hospital? Women are lawyers, but how many are partners in law firms?  Women have made some progress, but the glass ceiling hasn’t moved much in terms of leadership positions and equalizing income. Women are rarely the boss, and their salaries are on average 70% of what men earn in equivalent positions. Social Problems, A Down-To-Earth Approach, James M. Henslin, (2008) p. 306.

This is in no way more clearly shown than in politics. Social Problems, A Down-To-Earth Approach, James M. Henslin, (2008) pp. 303-305. People talk about how women have increased their representation in the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, but why has this progress towards equal representation in national political institutions taken so long? In this election cycle women had two different women running for the two highest political offices in the land, for President and for Vice-President, but neither were ultimately successful in their bids. Currently there are 91 women in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, but this number is still way too low if we consider that women are the majority of the U.S. population and the majority of the voters. Social Problems, A Down-To-Earth Approach, James M. Henslin, (2008) p. 304.

I believe that the worst enemy of women are women themselves.  We have not achieved more progress because we are deeply divided on issues between the right and the left.  We need to look for common causes that will allow us to achieve positions of power in sufficient numbers that would really crack the famous “glass ceiling”.

Equality requires gender partnership

I half agree, half disagree with your argument.

It's very true that women's informal power has not increased with their formal power (more women lawyers, but few women law partners; more women in Congress, but very few committee chairs).

Another big factor is that our cultural expectations of women have not changed, despite the gains women have made in the professional world. A woman is still expected to be a mother and homemaker, even if she's a high-powered executive or a Congresswoman. Oftentimes this puts professional women in an awkward position: prioritize family and be regarded as incompetent on the job, or prioritize the job and be regarded as an unlikable "ball buster". Professional women just can't win.

However, I disagree with your argument that partisanship is holding women back from further breaking the glass ceiling. For one thing, there are significant differences in right and left politics; the former aims to hold women back, the latter aims to further liberate them.

I think that a lot of the time women can hold other women back, but not because of political animosity. It comes more from the internalization of gender roles than anything else. Consider a female boss who has a crisis at work and a sick baby - she can only attend to one. If she chooses to care for her baby, she's regarded as incompetent; if she chooses to deal with her company's crisis, she's regarded as heartless. In both cases, the women around her will regard her badly and lose respect for her.

The key problem is that post-feminist society has a nearly-unbearable expectation for professional women - to be powerful and ambitious while still nurturing their families - and women have internalized this expectation.

To further break the glass ceiling requires a breakdown of the traditional dichotomy between professionalism and nurturing. And that requires the participation of the other sex. It needs to be acceptable for men to automatically assume the nurturing role if their wives choose the professional route, just like it is for professional men.

We also need more informal power networks for professional women. Political networks like EMILY'S List are a good step, but they're very defensive in nature. They only mobilize when someone is under attack, or when someone needs to raise money. Women need strong institutions to foster their careers all throughout their lives, so that their informal power can expand with their professional advancements.

Not an easy task ahead of us, but unlike most problems, the solution is very clear.

Women who are superhuman

I think both of you raise good points. A sea change in the way women define themselves and the way women are protected by law needs to happen to really get to equal footing with men. In Germany, my father could take three years off his teaching job for paternity leave to raise me and my two brothers when my mom worked as a physician in the U.S. military. My mom did it all--was a wife, a mother, a damn good doctor, and a soldier.

However, that didn't mean we didn't sleep in sleeping bags on the floor of her office when she was pulling insanely long hours, or how when Thanksgiving rolled around, it was the one time she cooked a fantastic meal because she was too busy at other times to cook. She told me something I'm finding to be true--you can only be two of the three: be a good mother, a good wife, and good at your job.

It is good that society expects women to be superhuman because the alternative is much much less desirable, but it is unfair to expect them to be superhuman when men still are expected to be breadwinners and little else. According to research in the UK, fathers think the perfect amount of time to spend with their children daily is twenty minutes. In the US, guilt pushes many women to keep doing the disproportionate housework, even if there are two breadwinners in the house.

America certainly is the slowpoke in the women-in-positions-of-power category. Take a look at Sweden, which elected its first female Secretary of Defense in the mid-90s, in Germany where Angela Merkel, previously a resistance fighter in Eastern Germany and a physicist, has been kicking butt and taking names. I once met the woman in Spain who prevented a coup in the late 80s. Terrorists took control of the parliament building and kept the representatives hostage to prevent them from warning the King. The woman, heavily pregnant with twins and one of the first women in parliament, a feat in heavily Catholic Spain, said, screw that. She said, go ahead and shoot me, and she walked out to warn the King. Then you've got Asia, where many governments are right of Genghis Khan in terms of conservatism, and yet they managed to elect women leaders--in Pakistan, India, and a woman with dubious moral standing in the Philippines.

More recently, in Rwanda, over a third of the elected representatives in Parliament are women, many of whom have survived horrific rape and abuse during the civil war. They have gotten to cracking down on legislation that is woman unfriendly, particularly those related to domestic violence and divorce. America is no shining beacon when it comes to women in high positions of power, and even the names that the media has been bandying about as likely suspects for Obama's cabinet have mostly been men.

We have a long way to go!

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