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March 31, 2008

“While there's no shortage of great progressive youth organizations out there (with Young People For coming to mind as a particularly sterling example), there have been few published authors on progressive youth politics that we could point to.”

Wildcat ASUA endorsements
The Daily Wildcat, March 1

2008 fellow Rosie Reid-Correa gets an endorsement from the Wildcat for the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) senate.

More coverage of YP4 fellows leading up to the ASUA election.

APASA event aims to change perceptions
Daily Trojan, March 4

The Asian Pacific American Student Association (APASA) held a discussion about issues affecting the Asian American community. They quote 2008 fellow Daniel Wu, who is APASA community chair.

To be a tour guide, take test
The Daily Pennsylvanian, March 5

2008 fellow Colin Kavanaugh discusses a proposal to make tour guides take a test.

The [dot] org boom (beyond Obama)
TPM Café, March 5

Michael Connery mentions YP4 in his brief overview of youth progressive movements since 2003–2004.

Represent Penn State continues to increase student voting on campus
The Daily Collegian, March 5

2008 fellow Matt Popek is vice president of a get-out-the-vote organization that’s doing good work at Penn State.

Bringing the youth to power
Cosmopolity, March 5

This glowing review of Michael Connery’s new book on progressive youth politics also says some nice things about YP4:“While there's no shortage of great progressive youth organizations out there (with Young People For coming to mind as a particularly sterling example), there have been few published authors on progressive youth politics that we could point to.”

For Penn Dems, it’s now all for Obama
The Daily Pennsylvanian, March 6

2008 fellow Colin Kavanaugh writes on the College Dem’s endorsement of Barack Obama.

Project DATE emerges from hate crimes in Reilly Hall
Jack Central, March 6

2008 fellows Chris Duarte and Ash Arp create a diversity education group after Arp receives anonymous death threats.

B.D. Wong speaks about diversity
Jack Central, March 6

2008 fellow Chris Duarte helped bring B.D. Wong to Northern Arizona University as a speaker.

Denver delegate day disorderly
The Rocky Mountain Times, March 10

This first-person account of the Denver County delegate convention quotes delegate and Leadership Academy fellow Corey Baker.

What is Obama movement’s post election game plan?
Future Majority, March 10

Michael Connery questions what will happen to the Obama movement youth: fade away, join existing organizations such as YP4, or create new ones?

Is this the beginning of the end of optimism?
The View From Here, March 11

2006 fellow Liz Funk writes about the Eliot Spitzer scandal. She also gives a shout out to YP4.

MSA forum discusses Dream Act resolution, fees
The Minnesota Daily, March 12

2008 fellow Alicia Smith helps pass a resolution in support of the Minnesota Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.

Election rewards old, new
The Daily Wildcat, March 13

2008 fellow Rosie Reid-Correa wins a seat on the ASUA senate. 2008 fellow Seema Patel wins the administrative vice president position, edging out former administrative vice president (and 2007 fellow!) James Pennington-McQueen.

California is $2 billion more in debt as of Friday
California Progress Report, March 17

Leadership Academy fellow Jeremy Bearer-Friend writes of California’s newest two-billion-dollar budget increase to build more prisons.

Candidates can’t stay away from Philadelphia
The Daily Pennsylvanian, March 18

2008 fellow Colin Kavanaugh writes about the splurge of campaigning in the state.

Obama takes on racial tension
The Daily Pennsylvanian, March 19

Colin Kavanaugh writes about Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” speech.

Opinion: Why I campaign for College Tuition Relief Now!
WireTap, March 24

2007 fellow Vicente Garcia talks about the Californian student-led campaign to freeze tuition costs. Watch for Leadership Academy fellow Jeremy Bearer-Friend in the embedded video.

Liberal King Lear
The National Review Blog, March 25

National Review Online reporter Mark Hemingway critiques People For the American Way founder Norman Lear’s speech at the Take Back America conference, YP4 founder Iara Peng’s appearance and YP4’s name.

OSI, YP4 and "The Progressive Version Of"
Open Left, March 27

Leadership Academy fellow Josh Bolotsky posted this Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth at In it, he compares the new Open Society Institute Fellowship to other members of the "progressive-movement-builder" family, spotlights 2007 fellow Alex Hill's S.C.O.U.T.B.A.N.A.N.A., and talks a bit about his experience in the Leadership Academy.