Alumni Board 

Each year, a select number of Young People For Alumni and current Fellows apply to serve on the Young People For Alumni Board. Alumni are selected based on their level of engagement in the program, their leadership potential, and their activities in their communities. 

Born out of the Steering Committee, the Alumni Board is a leadership development and capacity-building initiative that will provide alumni with an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and contribute significantly to YP4.

The board consists of 12 diverse members from across the country and provides alumni with the opportunity to plan networking events, serve as YP4 trainers, participate in advanced leadership trainings, mentor current YP4 Fellows, and much more.  

The Alumni Board structure is designed to ensure that YP4 is accountable to our Fellows and that the program remains Fellow-driven.

The deep participation of Alumni in YP4 significantly strengthens the YP4 network and builds a strong sense of family and connectedness among YP4 staff, our progressive partners and YP4 Fellows. Membership on the Alumni Board also helps to prepare our alumni for leadership roles in the progressive movement. 

We have selected the 2014-2015 Alumni Board, meet this year's group.

First Name Last Name Fellowship Year Current Title, School Year, or Occupation
Julianna Bradley 2007 Director, Regional Leadership Development - Leadership for Educational Equity
Tiesha Cassel 2011 Library Assistant Ryerson and Burnham Libraries. The Art Insititute of Chicago
Klein Lieu 2011 Software Engineer, Constant Contact
Nijeul Porter 2009 MFA Candidate '15 California Institute of the Arts
George Markarian 2013 Junior, Student
Lena Khader 2012 Bachelor's Psychology, 2013
Master's Community Counseling, 2016
Elliot Sakach 2012 Texas Leadership Fund, founder
Oberlin College, junior
Kamaria Moir 2006 Ambassador- Nonprofit, Sliding Scale Cafe
Jala Khateeb 2007 SocialEntrepreneur/Teaching Artist
Ruben Vogt 2005 Director of Public Policy - El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar
Alray Nelson 2012 Founder & Organizer for the Coalition for Equality
CEO & Founder of the We Are One Campaign
B.A. - Political Science, University of New Mexico
Andrew Jenkins 2010 Field Associate, Choice USA

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