Training and Resources

Young People For provides a number of resources to aid young progressives in promoting their values and reaching their long-term leadership goals.

Progressive Academy Online

The Progressive Academy Online provides free, flexible education about real-world skills and concepts relevant to pursing a career in the progressive movement.

YP4's programs connect talented young progressive leaders across the country with each other and with organizations to network, share ideas, and learn valuable skills so they can create long-term change on the issues that matter to them most.

National Summit

At the beginning of each year, the YP4 National Summit convenes our talented and dedicated new fellows in Washington, D.C., to kick off the yearlong fellowship program.

Little Black Books

Written by YP4 fellows, Little Black Books are handy skill-based guides for student leaders. Easy to read, straightforward and to the point, Little Black Books are useful to even the most experienced progressive activists.


YP4's Toolkits provide a wealth of information on the issues around which our fellows are organizing. Toolkits include issue overviews, case studies and resources for learning more and getting involved.

Strategy Papers

Read papers prepared by Young People For about strategy for the progressive movement.