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YP4's Progressive Academy Online allows you to access trainings anytime, anywhere.

Progressive Academy Online sessions are free, open to everyone, and taught by experienced professionals who use interactive activities along with resources that you can access and use at your own pace.

Learn real-world skills, including how to start a nonprofit, manage a campaign, run for public office and spread ideas through the arts, media and think tanks. 

After each session YP4 uploadss session resources that will be helpful in your job search. 

2012 Career Series:

  • April 19th, 2012 | Marketing Your Best Self: Resume and Cover Letter Tips: Your resume and cover letter tell a story about you and your experience. Join career coach, Alyssa Best, for this online session designed to help you highlight your skills and convey your broader impact in your application materials. We will discuss how to be more specific and concrete in the examples you use and how to translate a job task into a results-oriented accomplishment. You'll walk away with tips on how to best grab the reader's attention so that you land a job interview. View the session here.


  • May 3rd, 2012 | How to Ace a Job Interview: We all get the jitters when we interview for a job we really want. Join career coach, Alyssa Best, for this online session on presenting your best self in the interview process. We'll discuss ways you can market your strengths and accomplishments, how to respond to tough questions you may be asked, and the importance of bringing a few questions of your own to the interview. View the session here.


  • Thursday, May 17th, 2012 | Negotiating Salary and Benefits in an Economic Recession: As activists, we’re great at advocating for the issues that we care about.  But, we’re not always able to transfer those advocacy skills to speaking on behalf of our personal and professional interests in the workplace.  In fact, as a result of our commitment to serving others and contributing our energy to our causes, we might let ourselves feel guilty for making our needs a priority. Join career coach, Alyssa Best for this online session to discuss strategies for negotiating salaries and benefits even in an economic recession. We'll also discuss the importance of self-care and how to best communicate your needs and set boundaries in order to achieve a work-life balance. View the session here.

This career series is coming from our progressive partner Alyssa Best. Alyssa offers guidance and skills on topics related to career and professional development to build leadership for social change. She has mentored and worked with emerging leaders at Wider Opportunities for Women, the Center for Progressive Leadership, and the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Rutgers University. She also conducts outreach and manages training programs for The OpEd Project.


View session resources from 2011 here.



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