YP4 Toolkits

YP4’s Toolkits are issue-based resource guides that connect local, youth-led programs across the nation in order to share successful models for progressive activism, build stronger networks and connect fellows’ local work to a broader framework.

Toolkits are intended to be dynamic and adaptable documents that will continue to grow.

Issue Toolkits

Money in Elections

This is an ominous time in history, with so many facets of our lives controlled by interactions with enormous corporations that dwarf us in power. When we wake up in the morning, it might be in a house with a mortgage held by a major bank or an apartment that is owned by a large development company. We may buy gas provided by one of a few big oil companies.  Thinking about it all, we take a deep breath of air that may have been polluted by corporations we’ve never even heard of. 

As a student, the tuition you pay to your university may be invested in financial institutions, which in turn are now empowered to spend limitless funds from their enormous corporate treasuries to influence our elections. They help elect people who represent the interests of corporations instead of the interests of the people.

That’s why YP4 is spearheading a collaborative campaign to advocate corporate accountability on our campuses. Together, we are calling upon campus leaders to ensure that the university or college we attend is driven by principles of education and represent student voices and values. Young people have always been at the forefront of movements, and whether you are most interested in environmental justice, reproductive justice, or any other progressive issue, money in elections affects us all.

When it comes to the elections that decide the fate of our country, we want to get money out and voters in! Ready to join the campaign? View our Money in Elections Toolkit.

Conference Fundraising Toolkit

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    Editorial Board

    Toolkits are a collaborative process involving YP4 staff, partner organizations, allies and fellows. Fellows play an active role throughout the process. Fellows particularly active in the toolkit issue areas work as lead organizers to manage and oversee toolkit development with YP4 staff. Fellows with successful Blueprints are solicited to develop a case study out of their work. Experienced partners in the related field are then chosen to write the foreword, addressing the scope of the toolkit, and a brief history of the issue.

    Strategy Papers

    Investing in Progressive Leadership Development: Building a Movement (PDF)
    by Iara Peng, YP4 Founder

    In order to secure a lasting victory in the battle for America's future, it is essential for progressives to identify, empower and sustain the active engagement of the next generation of leaders. Young people provide a vital infusion of ideas, energy and passion and their commitment to continued activism and leadership is critical to building a progressive future.

    Building Youth Progressive Power on Campus: The Role of Student Government Bodies (PDF)

    How do student governments and the officers within them influence campus policies? How are financial resources generally allocated on campus? In order to evaluate the benefits of electing progressive students to student government, this paper explores the extent to which student government officers have discretion to allocate resources and direct campus policies.